Join up as many jewels as you can


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Nice animations


  • Lacking in game modes


We all know that the simplest games are often the most addictive, and SwapGems certainly fits in with this theory.

The aim of SwapGems is to clear as many jewels from the board as you can, by joining them into rows or columns of three or more matching shapes. When a line is made, the gems disappear and more fall down from the top to replace them.

It's a very simple concept and SwapGems is a very simple game. The graphics aren't particularly exciting, although the animation is pretty smooth. What's more, there aren't any levels or difficulty settings to choose from. It's just played on one game board and you keep going until no more matches can be made.

SwapGems has a few options that you can tweak to customize your games a little bit. For instance, you can turn off the animations, and enable/disable the high scores and error messages.

It's great for killing a bit of time on the bus, but SwapGems doesn't have a great deal of depth to it.

SwapGems es uno de esos puzzles que resisten al paso del tiempo. Un puzzle con el que podrás pasar el rato frente a tu PDA.

El objetivo del juego es conseguir la máxima puntuación recolectando gemas. Para ello, puedes mover las gemas siempre y cuando consigas formar un grupo de tres o más gemas iguales. La partida se termina cuando ya no es posible formar más grupos.

Las opciones del juego te permitirán activar o desactivar las animaciones de las gemas, los mensajes de ayuda, la comparación de puntuaciones y comenzar una nueva partida.

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